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Food quality inspection and control

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.038


Guoqiang Bai

Corresponding Author

Guoqiang Bai


In recent years, the "food safety problem" has attracted the attention of the government, the reason is that the working relationship affects the life and health of the people and social stability, and the food poisoning incident publicized by the state in 315 also reflects the importance of quality inspection and testing work. By analyzing the common types of food safety at present, the paper points out the current situation and countermeasures, such as improving supervision, optimizing food inspection methods, implementing corresponding measures that meet the current requirements of food safety standards, etc., hoping that the implementation of these strategies can increase the accuracy and trust of food quality inspection, and ensure its safety.


food quality inspection and detection; Food safety; Quality control; Supervision system