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Discussion on construction management of construction project under new situation

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.037


Penghai Lan

Corresponding Author

Penghai Lan


Construction project involves very complex content, construction project construction work in the process of the most important and the most critical work is construction management. Only when the construction management work is implemented, the quality of construction can be guaranteed enough, and only in this way, the development of construction enterprises can be upgraded. Under the new situation, all walks of life have been rapid development, the social market competition is increasingly fierce, the construction industry has gradually improved the requirements of construction management, hoping to ensure the quality of construction. Based on this, this paper expounds the current situation and existing problems of construction management of construction projects under the new situation, and puts forward suggestions to improve the problems, hoping to promote the quality, efficiency and standardization of construction management work and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the construction industry.


new situation; Construction works; Construction management