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Research and Practice on Project Driven Computer Network Security Teaching Model

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.034


Feijian Xu

Corresponding Author

Feijian Xu


This article aims to explore the research and practice of project-based computer network security teaching mode. With the rapid development of information technology, computer network security issues are becoming increasingly prominent, and the demand for network security talents is becoming increasingly urgent. The traditional teaching model of computer network security often focuses on imparting theoretical knowledge, while neglecting the cultivation of students' practical and problem-solving abilities. Therefore, this study proposes a project-based teaching model aimed at improving students' practical abilities in cybersecurity and cultivating cybersecurity talents with innovative and teamwork spirit through the implementation of practical projects. This study first analyzes the current situation and problems of computer network security teaching, points out the shortcomings of traditional teaching models, and elaborates on the advantages of project-based teaching models. Subsequently, this study designed a project-based teaching model and implementation strategies for computer network security. Through teaching practice, it was found that the project-based teaching model can significantly improve students' practical abilities in network security, enhance their understanding and application of network security knowledge.


Project driven; Computer network security; Teaching model