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Application of Task-Driven in the Teaching of Human Resource Management Courses in Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.033


Xiaofeng Wu

Corresponding Author

Xiaofeng Wu


Vocational education is an essential component of higher education in China, and it differs significantly from undergraduate education in terms of educational attributes and goals. Its main educational purpose is to cultivate more high-quality, and skilled technical talents and skilled practitioners in various fields of society. With the deepening reform of the education sector in our country, major vocational colleges should also update their educational and teaching concepts in a timely manner, adjust their original talent cultivation plans, do a good job in theoretical and practical teaching, and improve the quality of professional talent cultivation. This article takes the teaching of human resource management in vocational colleges as the research object, and focuses on analyzing the application strategies of task-driven approach in practical teaching, aiming to improve the quality and effectiveness of human resource management teaching in vocational colleges, and ensure that talent cultivation in vocational colleges is in line with social needs.


Task-driven, Vocational colleges, Human resource management Course teaching