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Practice and Effect Evaluation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Model for University Students

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.030


Qin Sun, Weixing Chen

Corresponding Author

Qin Sun


As the global economy thrives and technological advancements continue unabated, enhancing national innovation, entrepreneurship, and their associated capabilities have become pivotal for the growth of nations. For universities, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship education serves dual purposes: it cultivates students' comprehensive qualities and holistic growth, while also addressing the current employment challenges faced by university graduates and facilitating the translation of knowledge into practical productivity. Nevertheless, despite the widespread implementation of such education in domestic universities, a considerable disparity persists between the actual outcomes and anticipated goals. The practice and assessment of the effectiveness of university student innovation and entrepreneurship education models remain an ongoing process. This article delves into this domain, aiming to establish an evaluation framework that measures the efficacy of such education models. Through sustained practical experimentation and evaluation, we can refine and enhance these education models, thereby elevating the quality and effectiveness of innovation and entrepreneurship education. Furthermore, universities should fortify their collaborations with enterprises, strengthening the school-enterprise partnership mechanism and providing students with richer practical opportunities and resource support.


University student innovation and entrepreneurship; Education model; Practice and Effect