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Research on the Impact of Critical Thinking on Student Management

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.026


Yanqi Yang

Corresponding Author

Yanqi Yang


Critical thinking is a thought pattern that focuses on independently and judiciously evaluating and judging information and opinions, rather than blind conformity or rejection. A person with critical thinking often synthesizes various opinions and arguments, then conducts in-depth analysis and evaluation to determine their correctness and value. This paper discusses university student management strategies oriented towards critical thinking from three aspects: personalized guidance, comprehensive development opportunities, and creating a conducive learning environment. Universities are committed to providing comprehensive support for students' growth, including developing individual development plans, constructing critical thinking tracking systems, and conducting periodic evaluations and adjustments; promoting their progress academically, professionally, and personally. This course emphasizes comprehensive learning for students at different levels to promote their development. Through continuous evaluation and adjustment, universities can better adapt to the changing landscape of critical thinking, thereby fostering the overall development of university students.


Critical Thinking; Personalized Guidance; Comprehensive Development; Student Management