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The Governance Challenges and Diverse Solutions of "Copyright Trolling" in the New Media Environment —A Case Study of the "Visual China Copyright Gate" Incident

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.025


Jing Xie

Corresponding Author

Jing Xie


In the digital media era, as the demand and usage of images by users continue to climb, online image trading platforms such as stock photo websites have rapidly emerged, becoming the primary means for users to obtain high-quality image resources. However, this development trend has also triggered a series of commercial rights protection issues, among which copyright trolling, representing infringing behaviors, is particularly prominent, severely damaging the legitimate rights and interests of rights holders and disrupting the order of the image trading market. The emergence of the copyright trolling issue has sparked in-depth thinking and discussion among all sectors of society about copyright protection and its scope of use. People have begun to reflect on the various problems brought by the "litigation-driven" business model and to explore more reasonable and effective copyright protection mechanisms and business models. Against this backdrop, all sectors of society should make concerted efforts from the source, procedure, and method to strengthen the legislation and enforcement of copyright protection, improve the regulatory mechanism of online image trading, effectively curb the proliferation and spread of infringing behaviors such as copyright trolling, protect the legitimate rights and interests of creators, promote the creation and dissemination of works, and create a favorable ecological environment for both creators and users, thereby promoting the healthy and orderly development of the image trading market in the digital media environment.


Copyright Protection; Image Trading; Copyright Trolling