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Research of Flexible Visual Experiment Platform for Communication Principle Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.106


Yihuai Yang

Corresponding Author

Yihuai Yang


Traditional hardware experimental platforms are no long adapt to the fast updating knowledge of communication technologies. In this paper, we studied the characteristic of experiments of communication principle, analyzed the drawbacks of existing hardware experiments, and proposed that traditional hardware experiments should be assisted by us-ing Matlab/Simulink software, due to the fact that this advanced software can be a very useful teaching and researching assistant aid tool for traditional hardware experimental platforms. We give three typical examples which are hard to understand for students when using traditional teaching methods. We also give the simulation results in vivid and real-time figures. The analysis of the examples shows that applying Matlab/Simulink to set up flexible visual experiment platform for communication principle teaching is feasible and efficient.


Matlab/Simulink, Visual Simulation, Teaching Method, Amplitude Modulation, Sample, FM Radio.