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Integration of Kodály Approach into Solfeggio Courses in High Vocational Schools

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.020


Yumei Zhou

Corresponding Author

Yumei Zhou


In this article, the correspondence between Kodály Approach and music education in vocational schools is deeply analyzed, and specific application strategies are put forward. The research results show that Kodály Approach has shown remarkable instructional effects in rhythm training, pitch training and music perception, which has effectively improved students' musical literacy and skill level. However, there are also some problems in the implementation process, such as the speed difference of students' adaptation to the new instructional method and the coordination problems in complex music activities. In view of these problems, this article puts forward corresponding improvement suggestions, including introducing Kodály Approach step by step and strengthening students' teamwork ability. In the future, music education in vocational schools will pay more attention to the cultivation of practical ability and innovative thinking, and Kodály Approach undoubtedly provides strong support for achieving this goal. Through this study, we expect to provide useful reference for the reform and innovation of music education in vocational schools.


Higher vocational schools; Solfeggio lessons; Kodály Approach