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Research on the Construction of Digital Global Top International Financial Centers under the Strategy of Financial Power

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.019


Xuechao Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xuechao Zhang


The world's top international financial centers are rapidly developing towards diversification, intelligence, greenness, and openness. These centers not only broaden their business scope to cover emerging fields such as fintech and green finance, but also leverage advanced technology to improve service efficiency and quality, and reduce operating costs. They actively promote green financial products and services, providing strong support for the development of the global green economy. Openness is also an important development trend for these centers, as they strengthen cooperation with financial centers in other countries and regions to jointly promote the opening and integration of financial markets. This cooperation not only helps to share experiences and resources, but also jointly addresses global financial challenges and promotes the improvement of the global financial governance system. The development of the world's top international financial centers also faces some challenges. These centers need to continuously strengthen their own construction, enhance their financial innovation capabilities, improve their financial regulatory system, strengthen international cooperation and exchanges, in order to cope with future challenges and opportunities. The development trend of the world's top international financial centers is full of opportunities and challenges, and they need to constantly innovate and progress to better serve the prosperity and development of the global economy.


Financial powerhouse strategy; Digitization; The world's top international financial center; structure