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Analysis of the Current Situation of Art and Design Education and Research on Its Diversified Development Trends

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.018


Zhiyuan Ying

Corresponding Author

Zhiyuan Ying


Art and design education is undergoing profound changes, shifting from simply pursuing an increase in student numbers to placing greater emphasis on the quality of talent cultivation. We urgently need to promote teaching reform and innovation. In terms of teaching philosophy, we should pay attention to the subjectivity and creativity of students, break the traditional indoctrination education model, and adopt new teaching methods such as project-based learning and cooperative learning to stimulate students' learning interest and enthusiasm. The enhancement of teaching staff is also the key to improving the quality of education. We need to strengthen the training and introduction of teachers, enhance their professional competence and teaching ability, and ensure that they can adapt to the diversified development trend of art and design education. Art and design education should also closely monitor industry trends and market demands, update teaching content in a timely manner, and meet the demand of society for excellent art and design talents. Through these reforms and innovations, we will be able to cultivate more artistic and design talents with innovative spirit and practical ability, and contribute to the prosperity and development of society.


Art and design education; Diversified development; Current situation analysis