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Teaching Translation Course for English Majors: Perspective of Curricular Ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.016


Qin Si

Corresponding Author

Qin Si


Firstly, this article expounds the close relationship between translation courses for English majors and ideological and political education (IPE), and emphasizes the importance of IPE in translation teaching. Then, by digging deep into the ideological and political elements in translation courses, this article puts forward specific strategies for integrating IPE into translation teaching, including clarifying the combination of IPE goals and translation skills, and innovating instructional models to promote students' ideology literacy. In terms of implementation, this article designs translation teaching steps with ideological and political connotation, and guides students to deeply understand and translate ideological and political related content through classroom teaching. Furthermore, by collecting students' perception and experience of ideological and political elements, and assessing their translation ability and ideology literacy, the instructional effect is comprehensively assessed. The results show that the integration of IPE into translation courses for English majors can not only effectively improve students' ideology literacy, but also promote their translation skills. This double promotion is reflected in students' profound understanding of IPE content and accurate transmission of cultural connotation and spiritual essence in translation practice.


Curricular ideological and political education; English major; Translation; Teaching