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Design and Implementation of Smart Home Voice Control System based on Arduino

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.105


Min Liu

Corresponding Author

Min Liu


The main research contents of this paper is designing the overall architecture of the smart home control system. The system is divided into the H layer, the upper layer which is the communication layer, the middle layer which is the relay control layer, and the first layer is the home system, and the Bluetooth infrared repeater based on Arduino development board infrared device equipped with Bluetooth wireless module; with the analysis of infrared control theory, Bluetooth module technology and Arduino related technologies, according to the overall system architecture design, the system functions are divided into hardware systems and software operation and management of two subsystems for infrared signals; Repeater information and other data sheets were designed and implemented. Star remote control was used as an example. Based on Arduino development, a Bluetooth infrared repeater was designed in conjunction with Bluetooth wireless communication technology, including transmission and reception, and encoding and decoding were implemented with Bluetooth module selection analysis, Bluetooth transmission circuit and serial communication; detailed implementation of the software operation and management part is proposed.


Smart Home Voice Control System, implementation, design and research.