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Research on Promoting Interactive Teaching Reform of Physical Education Majors in Universities through Information Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.014


Lili Meng, Yansong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yansong Zhang


Information technology (IT) plays an important role in physical education teaching in universities, providing strong support for teaching innovation. Through multimedia and online tools, teaching content can be vividly displayed, stimulating students' interest and initiative in learning. However, in practical applications, there are still some challenges to be faced. The insufficient IT processing ability of physical education teachers limits the depth of teaching innovation. The resources of sports IT courses are limited and the quality is uneven, making it difficult to meet teaching needs. Some teachers are influenced by traditional concepts and have a low acceptance of information-based teaching methods. To overcome these problems, it is necessary to strengthen teacher IT training and enhance their application abilities. Intensify the construction of sports IT course resources, enrich resource content, and improve practicality. We should also actively promote information-based teaching methods, guide teachers to change their concepts, and adapt to the teaching needs of the new era. IT has brought new opportunities to physical education teaching in universities. We should fully utilize its advantages, promote teaching reform, and cultivate more high-quality sports talents.


Information technology; Universities; Sports major; Interactive teaching