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Research on the Innovative Development Path of University Ideological and Political Education Based on New Productive Forces

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.013


Xiaobin Li

Corresponding Author

Xiaobin Li


With the rapid development of new quality productivity in the new era, the ideological and political education of universities (hereinafter referred to as IPE) is facing new challenges and opportunities. The purpose of this study is to explore the innovative development path of university IPE based on new quality productivity. Through literature review and case analysis, this study discusses the teaching content, teaching methods, evaluation mechanism and platform construction. It is found that the development of new quality productivity provides abundant resources and possibilities for university IPE, but it also brings new challenges, requiring us to constantly innovate educational models and methods. Therefore, this study puts forward a series of suggestions to promote the innovative development of university IPE, including expanding interdisciplinary education content, introducing online and offline integration teaching mode, establishing diversified evaluation system and building an open and shared education platform. These suggestions are aimed at providing theoretical guidance and practical support for the reform and innovation of university IPE, and promoting the all-round development of students and the continuous advancement of socialist construction.


New Productive Forces; Ideological and Political Education; Innovative Development