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Practical Problems and Reform Strategies of Physical Education Models in Universities from the Perspective of Informatization

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.012


Lin Li

Corresponding Author

Lin Li


Although information technology has been widely applied in physical education (PE) in universities, the model of PE in universities still faces many challenges. Some teachers are not proficient enough in using information technology teaching methods, and the construction of information technology teaching resources is not yet perfect, which limits the further application of information technology in PE. The problems of single teaching mode, uneven distribution of teaching resources, insufficient application of information technology, and lack of comprehensive quality cultivation also urgently need to be solved. In order to promote the healthy development of PE in universities, it is necessary to deeply analyze the root causes of the problems and strengthen reform and innovation. Specifically, we should promote the diversified development of teaching modes, strengthen the construction of PE teaching staff, improve the allocation of PE resources, and promote the deep integration of informatization and PE. By implementing these reform strategies and suggestions, a solid foundation can be laid for cultivating sports talents with comprehensive qualities and information literacy, and the innovative development of university sports education models can be promoted.


Information technology perspective; College sports; Education model; Practical issues; Reform strategy