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Innovation in Tertiary Education and Teaching from the Perspective of New Media

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.009


Mingshan Hou

Corresponding Author

Mingshan Hou


As new media technology rapidly advances, higher education is confronting remarkable transformations and challenges. This article aims to delve into the innovative teaching methods and practices in higher education from a new media lens, seeking to enhance educational quality and foster students' comprehensive growth. Leveraging literature reviews and case studies, we conduct an in-depth analysis of how new media technology impacts the teaching modalities, tools, and outcomes in higher education, presenting tailored innovation strategies. Our findings reveal that new media technology can significantly drive educational innovation in universities, elevate teaching effectiveness, and pave new avenues for nurturing students' overall qualities. The dawn of the new media age offers unparalleled opportunities and challenges for higher education innovation. Relentless exploration and innovation are paramount to addressing the educational demands of this new era and cultivating talents brimming with creativity and practical skills.


New media; Tertiary education; Teaching innovation