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Exploring the role of strategic human resource management in enterprise strategic management

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2024.006


Zhanzhi Ding

Corresponding Author

Zhanzhi Ding


In the era of interweaving informatization and globalization, the stable operation of enterprises relies on the stable support of the four pillar elements of material, human, information, and economy. Among them, human resources, with their irreplaceable importance and core position, play a core engine role in driving the continuous progress and development of enterprises. Although material resources are the cornerstone of enterprise operation, the realization of their value cannot be separated from the transformation and application of human wisdom and labor. Economic resources, as the lifeblood of enterprises, cannot be obtained and efficiently utilized without the wise decision-making and unremitting efforts of human resources. This article focuses on the value of strategic human resource management and deeply analyzes its role in the process of achieving enterprise strategy. Through strategic human resource management, enterprises can optimize their human resource allocation, thereby enhancing their market competitiveness and innovation capabilities. This article aims to reveal the enormous potential of strategic human resource management in modern enterprise management, providing strong support for enterprises to achieve sustainable development.


Strategic human resource management; Enterprises; Strategic management