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Research on Evacuation Simulation of Large-scale Stadium Staff

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.104


Juhai Wang

Corresponding Author

Juhai Wang


Large-scale stadiums are crowded and extremely important. Once emergencies occur, they can cause major economic losses and sometimes cause serious casualties. In recent years, performance-based fire protection designs have been continuously optimized, and computer simulation studies have been used as the main means of performance-based evacuation design. However, at present, the number of gymnasiums has increased, and the problem of safe evacuation has become a center of concern for all walks of life. Therefore, this paper analyzes the characteristics of evacuation of large stadiums, and then conducts in-depth research on existing problems in evacuation simulation simulations and proposes corresponding modification suggestions. It is expected to provide personnel with more accurate design when building evacuation models, to make up for previous deficiencies, to help designers better evaluate the safety and reliability of building fire protection design, and to provide reference for ensuring the safety of large-scale stadium staff.


Large-scale gymnasium, evacuation simulation, simulation research, personnel safety.