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Analysis of Principles for Designing Smart and Healthy Living Environments Based on User Experiences and Emotions

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DOI: 10.25236/icemudss.2023.026


Mengyao Feng, Chuteng Shi, Fankai Meng, Xingyu Liu

Corresponding Author

Chuteng Shi


With the advancement of science and technology and social changes, people's needs and expectations about the living environment are increasingly improving. They require not only health, comfort, and safety but also intelligence, personality, and emotions. On the design idea of people-centered, we need to propose a design proposition that better meets users' needs for a smart living environment. Based on the dynamic evolution of user experience and emotional design, a theoretical analysis framework for smart living environment design is constructed according to the logic of user needs and emotional experience, which can explain the joint generation of smart living environment design mechanisms and experience cycle mechanisms involving users, technology, and space. Furthermore, we explore the possibility of moving towards the high-quality development of smart living environments from market trends and industrial development. The smart living environment is designed to bring users the desired living experience and is committed to continuously improving the quality of living and enhancing user satisfaction. To this end, we take measures to achieve high-quality development of the smart living environment, promote industrial development, and meet user needs through smart living environment control based on user experience, build an interaction and feedback mechanism between users and quality perception, and establish an evaluation system on users and smart living environment.


Smart living environment; User experience; Emotional design; High-quality development