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Research on Optimization of Administrative Accountability System in China Based on the Perspective of Administrative Ecology

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DOI: 10.25236/icemudss.2023.025


Yidan Xu, Yuwei Lu

Corresponding Author

Yuwei Lu


Accountability came from the West, and the accountability system was introduced in China in the early 20th century. After many years of development, the operation of administrative accountability in China has become institutionalized and standardized, but in developing localization, many inadequacies have gradually been revealed. Based on the theoretical analysis framework of administrative ecology, this paper discusses the optimization of administrative accountability. It analyzes and clarifies the current situation of China's administrative accountability system according to the three elements of social elements, communication network, and symbol system that can be applied to reality. There are some problems in China, such as weak consciousness of accountability subject, unclear object of accountability, limited content of accountability, and legal deficiencies. This research uses analysis and conclusions combined with five ecological factors of administrative ecology theory: economic factors, social factors, communication networks, symbolic systems, and political frameworks. In summary, it puts forward targeted opinions for optimizing China's administrative accountability system and promotes the improvement and development of the system.


Administrative ecology; Administrative accountability system; Optimization of administrative accountability system