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Research on Social Cooperation Mechanism Based on Evolutionary Game Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/icemudss.2023.024


Jiayi Yang

Corresponding Author

Jiayi Yang


As the social cooperation mechanism enters a new era and social cooperation enters a stage of high-quality development. This paper first discusses the convergence point between evolutionary game theory and social cooperation mechanism and emphasizes the importance of method change to cooperation mechanism. Subsequently, the paper discusses the challenges of cooperation evolution caused by network reciprocity and social dilemmas, including the complexity of network structure and errors in social norm-based decision-making. Analyzes further the risks associated with technology dominance, including information, moral, and system risks. This paper proposes several response strategies, including technology to escape social dilemmas, system optimization and governance, as well as a return to culture and reconstruction of cooperation. This paper ultimately focuses on the goal of the development of the social cooperation industry, which is to provide society with a mechanism for cooperating that meets expected standards, continuously improves the quality of cooperation, and increases social satisfaction, which is possible to achieve high-quality social cooperation development, promote social cooperation mechanisms, and meet social needs by strengthening the control of internal circulation, building interactive mechanisms, and implementing evaluation systems.


Evolutionary game theory; Social cooperation mechanism; Network Reciprocity; Social Dilemma