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Comparative Analysis and Policy Recommendations on Remanufacturing Standards and Trade Policies between China and the United States: A Case Study of Automotive Parts

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DOI: 10.25236/icemudss.2023.023


Yige Chen

Corresponding Author

Yige Chen


In the context of carbon neutrality and sustainable development, remanufacturing is an important approach to achieving energy conservation, emission reduction, and the development of a circular economy. The development of the remanufacturing industry relies on the support and guidance of policies and regulations. Countries in Europe and America have the mature remanufacturing industries due to their early start. China is currently in a vigorous development stage, particularly in key sectors such as automotive parts remanufacturing. Taking the automotive parts remanufacturing industry as an illustration, this article not only collects and sorts out the policies, regulations, and standards in this sector but also conducts a comparative analysis. Afterward, interviews with experts from automotive parts enterprises and associations are conducted to propose targeted suggestions on the remanufacturing industry in China according to her practical situation. These suggestions are of great significance in promoting the development of China's automotive remanufacturing industry, facilitating international trade, and supporting global sustainable development.


Circular Economy, Automotive Components, Remanufacturing, Standards, Trade Policies