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Research on Microclimate Impact of Green Buildings Group in Beijing Based on MRSD

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DOI: 10.25236/icemudss.2023.022


Yueyang Li

Corresponding Author

Yueyang Li


As urbanization enters a new era, the green buildings group enters a stage of high-quality development. It is necessary to put forward green development propositions that better meet the people's needs for a better life, focusing on people-centered development. Based on the dynamic evolution of the development of (multi-source remote sensing data) MRSD, a theoretical framework for analyzing the microclimate impact of green buildings group is constructed according to the inherent logic of green buildings group and microclimate. Two influencing mechanisms can be explained: (1) The influencing mechanism involves the structure, function and environmental characteristics of the green buildings group and the microclimate's temperature, humidity and wind speed. (2) Analyze the influencing mechanism of developing microclimate of green buildings group jointly generated by regulating circulation mechanisms. In addition, from the perspective of spatial and temporal changes and practical interpretation of the microclimate impact analysis of the green buildings group, the possibility of moving towards the high-quality development goal of the green buildings group is further explored. The purpose of the microclimate impact analysis of the green buildings group is to provide people with an urban ecological environment that meets expected standards and is committed to continuously improving the quality of the urban ecological environment and enhancing people's life satisfaction. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen urban heat island control based on urban surface energy balance, establish an interactive feedback mechanism between green buildings and people's microclimate perception, and develop evaluation systems such as urban wet islands and wind islands, thus realizing the high-quality development of green buildings, promoting urbanization, and genuinely satisfying the people.


Green buildings group; Microclimate; MRSD; High-quality development