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Differentiated satisfaction: a study of students' course satisfaction in Chinese and foreign joint universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icemudss.2023.021


Liu Miao

Corresponding Author

Liu Miao


This study focuses on students' perceptions of course satisfaction to improve teaching quality and curriculum. By collecting and analyzing students' feedback on course content, teacher quality, and classroom environment, this study puts forward targeted suggestions for improving students' classroom experience, which is conducive to improving students' international competitiveness and learning quality. Using the research method of a questionnaire survey, the author makes an in-depth discussion of the existing problems and understands the students' expectations. The results showed that students were most satisfied with the classroom environment (average score 4.55) and least satisfied with the course's readiness for employment (average score 3.36). In other aspects, such as whether the content of the textbook reflects the forefront of professional development, the participation of the course, and the influence of the course on the comprehensive quality, the satisfaction is in the middle. These findings have important guiding significance for the curriculum construction of Chinese-foreign cooperative universities and help to improve the teaching methods and curriculum.


Chinese-foreign cooperation; Curriculum; Satisfaction