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Research on the Influence of U.S. Economic Policy Based on the Global Economic Crisis and the War in Ukraine

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DOI: 10.25236/icemudss.2023.019


Qizheng Wu

Corresponding Author

Qizheng Wu


The US economy faces enormous challenges and uncertainties due to the global economic crisis and the war in Ukraine. This article explains the impact of these two events on the digital economy and the adjustment and response of US economic policy to this. This article argues that the global economic crisis has led to a decline in demand, financial market turmoil, and loss of confidence. Furthermore, the war in Ukraine has exacerbated geopolitical tensions and risks to energy supplies. The United States has adopted economic policy measures to cope with these shocks, including reducing interest rates, increasing fiscal spending, adjusting tax structures, supporting industrial innovation, and promoting trade liberalization. The view of this article is that these policies will promote the recovery and growth of the US economy, strengthen the United States' position in international geopolitics, and promote the future development of the digital economy.


Global economic crisis; Russia-Ukraine war; US economic policy; Digital economy