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Research on Financial Engineering and Exchange Rate Risk Management

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DOI: 10.25236/icemudss.2023.011


Yuxuan Wei

Corresponding Author

Yuxuan Wei


As economic globalization enters the new era, the financial market enters a period of high-quality development. It is necessary to stay true to the financial thought with innovation as the core and put forward the financial proposition that meets the needs of enterprises and individuals for exchange rate risk management. Based on the dynamic development of financial engineering, the theoretical, analytical framework of financial engineering and risk management is built according to the internal logic of structural changes, market challenges, and intelligent technology. We can explain financial innovation and change brought about by regulatory and coordination mechanisms of financial engineering and foreign exchange risk. In addition, we continue to explore the possibility of moving towards high-quality development from the two-way upgrading, shared responsibility, and value reversion of financial engineering development. Financial engineering and exchange rate risk management aim to provide enterprises and individuals with financial products and services that meet the expected standards. At the same time, the government is committed to improving the quality of financial engineering and the effectiveness of exchange rate risk management. In addition, the government should strengthen the exchange rate risk control based on the structural change in financial engineering, construct the mechanism of interaction and cooperation between financial innovation and market competition, and establish the evaluation system for intelligent technology and financial industry transformation to promote the high-quality development of financial engineering and exchange rate risk management. Finally, it will boost economic globalization and meet the needs of enterprises and individuals.


Financial engineering; Exchange rate risk management; Financial innovation; High-quality development