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A Study on the Application and Public Policy Challenges of Blockchain Technology in the Silicon Valley Bank Balance Sheet Authenticity Assurance Mechanism

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DOI: 10.25236/icemudss.2023.008


Haoyu Huo, Siyu Huang

Corresponding Author

Haoyu Huo


Silicon Valley Bank has entered a stage of high-quality development in the digital era. Due to customer-centered innovative thinking, proposing a proposition that better meets customers' needs for financial services is necessary. Based on the dynamic development of Silicon Valley Bank, the theoretical, analytical framework to design the mechanism to ensure the authenticity of the balance sheets of Silicon Valley Bank is built according to logic inside of blockchain technology, which can explain the development mechanism of Silicon Valley Bank created by the fiduciary mechanism and the value cycle mechanism involving bank and customers. In addition, from the perspective of the changing and practice deduction of the development of Silicon Valley Bank, the possibility of moving towards the high-quality development goal of blockchain is explored. Blockchain development aims to provide customers with financial services that meet the expected standards and is committed to improving the quality of financial services and customer satisfaction. Therefore, we should adopt a series of measures, such as strengthening the balance sheet control based on the internal cycle of blockchain quality, interaction and feedback between blockchain and customer perception, and establishing an evaluation system of blockchain and regulation, to achieve high-quality development of blockchain, increase the competition of Silicon Valley Bank, and meet customer needs.


Blockchain; Silicon Valley Bank; Balance sheet; High-quality development