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Research on the Impact of Digital Technology on Mathematical Creativity Based on Data Science Methods

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DOI: 10.25236/icemudss.2023.005


Zheng Guo

Corresponding Author

Zheng Guo


With digital technology's development and popularization, mathematics education faces new opportunities and challenges. Digital technology can provide strong support for cultivating mathematical creativity and realizing new mathematics education changes. This paper discusses the influence mechanism of digital technology on mathematical creativity from the aspects of the meeting point between digital technology and mathematical creativity, multimodal generation, and intelligent evaluation. It analyzes the challenges of mathematics education brought about by digital technology, such as chaos, prison, and data governance. At the same time, countermeasures such as two-way upgrading, common governance, and value restoration are proposed to provide theoretical reference and practical guidance for the deep integration of digital technology and mathematics education.


Digital Technology; Mathematical Creativity; Mathematics Education; Impact Analysis; Coping Strategies