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Research on Methods for Improving Student Experience in Classroom Chairs Based on Human Factors in Chair Design

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DOI: 10.25236/icemudss.2023.003


Huanqi Yang

Corresponding Author

Huanqi Yang


Classroom furniture design is an important factor affecting students' psychological, physiological, and knowledge absorption. This paper focuses on the influence of chairs on students, especially children's mental health, and analysis the human factors in chair design, aiming to improve the learning experience and mental health. By examining ergonomic factors, psychological needs, and student feedback, the potential impact of chairs on student mental health is analyzed, and improvements are suggested. This paper reviews the relevant literature, using field surveys and interviews with five students to study the impact of different chair designs on students' mental health. The results show that reasonable chair design promotes students' positive emotions, concentration, and comfort, while improper design may lead to anxiety and physical discomfort. Considering many factors, this paper proposes suggestions for optimizing chair design to promote students' mental health, including comfort, support, and aesthetic design. After improvement, we can provide a better learning environment for students and promote their mental health and academic achievement.


Chair design; Mental health of students; Ergonomics; Student experience; Improvement measures