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Construction of Evaluation Indicators for Competitiveness of Football Clubs in the Context of Digital Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/icemudss.2023.002


Kyle Yusong Yao

Corresponding Author

Kyle Yusong Yao


In the digital economy, the masses of fans are kept up to date via the internet, which has necessitated the digital transformation of football club marketing. Digital content marketing has become a key component of digital marketing, which is a relationship marketing activity that creates and distributes relevant, valuable brand-related content on digital platforms for current or potential fans to evolve their favourable brand engagement, trust and relationships. It is true that the existing sports industry is in a period of rapid transformation and change, and that the old model of football clubs lacks institutional, environmental, investment and technological support, but the digital era of the economy may provide a brand new opportunity for the development of football clubs. This paper constructs an evaluation system for the core competitiveness of football clubs, covering five primary indicators, 12 secondary indicators and 37 tertiary indicators in total, including human resources dimension, competition strength dimension, governance science dimension, digital marketing dimension and digital culture construction dimension. We hope that this paper can offer a little reference to football clubs in order to ensure that clubs have the advantage of stable development.


football club, AHP model, core competence, evaluation system