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Exploration of Software Engineering Experimental Teaching Methods for Cultivating Applied Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.078


Yong Lu, Shaocong Cheng, Shaoqi Cheng

Corresponding Author

Yong Lu


Amidst the swift advancements in information technology, software technology stands out as a pivotal domain, increasingly serving as a vital catalyst for societal progress and economic growth. Given this backdrop, the market's appetite for software engineering professionals with practical skills is escalating at a consistent rate. Consequently, nurturing such talents has emerged as a pivotal topic in the educational sphere, attracting widespread scrutiny and deliberations. However, software engineering majors often encounter challenges and issues in educational practices. Traditional educational approaches often concentrate solely on disseminating theoretical knowledge, overlooking the fostering of students' practical and innovative capabilities. This gives rise to a predicament where numerous students struggle to promptly adapt to market demands and lack the proficiency to tackle real-world problems upon graduation. Therefore, it's imperative for educators to stay abreast of the times, proactively embracing fresh perspectives, and exploring innovative software talent training paradigms. By delving into novel experimental teaching methods and strategies in software engineering, we can offer invaluable insights and value for cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents in this domain.


Cultivation of applied talents; Software engineering; Experimental teaching