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The Development of Online Literature and Its Impact on Traditional Literature

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.076


Beier Luo

Corresponding Author

Beier Luo


As an emerging literary form in the digital era, online literature is having a profound impact on traditional literature. Its convenient dissemination channels and broad audience base provide more possibilities for literary creation. Online literature, with its unique charm, attracts young readers and promotes the development of the literary field towards a more diverse and inclusive direction. However, online literature is relatively weak in terms of humanistic and aesthetic aspects, and the intuitive and concrete presentation methods also limit readers' imagination and innovation. Nevertheless, online literature still has enormous development potential and will continue to maintain a thriving momentum in the future, with a greater emphasis on enhancing humanistic and aesthetic qualities. At the same time, the integration between online literature and traditional literature will also become a future development trend, jointly promoting the prosperity and development of the literary industry. Traditional literature is also colliding with online literature, constantly absorbing new elements and inspiration, achieving self renewal and sublimation. We should actively pay attention to the development trends of online literature, deeply tap its potential, and contribute to the innovation and development of the literary field.


Online literature; Development; Traditional literature; Influence