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Innovative Paths and Practices of Ideological and Political Education in Universities in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.073


Yanru Liu

Corresponding Author

Yanru Liu


Although ideological and political education (IPE) for university students in the new era has achieved certain results, there are still many problems. The educational content is relatively lagging behind, failing to reflect the requirements of the new era in a timely manner, and placing too much emphasis on theoretical teaching, lacking attention to the actual needs of students. The education method is single and lacks innovation, making it difficult to stimulate student interest. The overall quality of the teaching staff varies, and some teachers lack profound theoretical literacy and practical experience. In addition, the practical teaching process is weak, resources are insufficient, and management is disconnected from theoretical teaching, making it difficult to achieve effective results. To enhance the effectiveness of IPE in universities, we need to take multiple measures. Firstly, we update educational content and closely integrate it with the requirements of the times and the needs of students. Secondly, we innovate educational methods and introduce diverse teaching methods and approaches. At the same time, we strengthen the construction of the teaching staff, improving the quality and teaching level of teachers. Finally, we strengthen the practical teaching process, standardize management, and ensure the effective implementation of practical teaching. By implementing comprehensive policies, we can effectively solve the problems in current IPE in universities, enhance the effectiveness of education, and make positive contributions to the comprehensive development of students and social progress.


Ideological and political education in universities; Innovation path; practice