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Applicability and Limitations of Mathematics in the Field of Finance

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.071


Zhiheng Liao

Corresponding Author

Zhiheng Liao


Mathematics, as an applied discipline with strong theoretical and objective thinking logic, can be reasonably applied in the actual development process of the financial field to assist relevant personnel in building a more complete work system and scientific thinking framework, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of financial industry work and reducing the probability of various financial risks. In addition, mathematics also contains various objective theoretical models and knowledge points, which can be organically integrated with practical work in the financial field to enhance the objectivity and scientificity of financial work and create greater economic benefits for the financial field. Based on this, this article analyzes and studies the applicability and limitations of mathematics in the financial field, in order to provide reference and guidance for relevant personnel in the financial field.


Mathematics, Financial sector, Applicability and limitations