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Design and Implementation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Course in Nursing Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.070


Guangxia Wu, Fang Liu, Pei Zhang, Nannan Zhang, Ping Zhu, Chunling Dai

Corresponding Author

Guangxia Wu


This paper studies the design, implementation, influence and significance of innovation and entrepreneurship course for nursing specialty. Through in-depth discussion on the concept and principle of curriculum design, objectives and contents, teaching methods and means, and curriculum evaluation and feedback, this paper constructs a systematic curriculum system for innovation and entrepreneurship of nursing specialty. The research points out that innovative and entrepreneurial courses are very important to cultivate innovative thinking, entrepreneurial spirit and comprehensive practical ability of nursing students. By following the principles of student-centered, practice-oriented, interdisciplinary integration and the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, we can effectively implement innovative and entrepreneurial courses and improve students' learning effect and satisfaction. At the same time, this paper also discusses the influence and significance of the innovation and entrepreneurship course of nursing specialty on nursing students, nursing education, nursing industry and even the whole society. The study found that the implementation of innovative entrepreneurship curriculum not only helps to improve the professional quality and competitiveness of nursing students, but also promotes the reform and innovation of nursing education, promotes the scientific and technological progress and service quality of nursing industry, and contributes to the development of social health.


Nursing professional education; Innovation and entrepreneurship courses; Innovative spirit; Entrepreneurship ability