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Analysis of Language Art and Artistic Conception in Ming and Qing Novels

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.069


Yixiao Liu

Corresponding Author

Yixiao Liu


Ming and Qing novels, as a monument in the history of Chinese literature, not only attracted countless readers with their rich and colorful content, but also won widespread praise for their unique language art and profound artistic conception. In novels, language art serves as an important means of shaping artistic conception, and through delicate brushstrokes and vivid depictions, it brings readers into each artistic conception full of charm and beauty. At the same time, the creation of artistic conception also puts higher demands on language art, prompting the author to use more exquisite language skills to accurately convey the artistic conception in the novel. This article delves into the close relationship between language art and artistic conception in Ming and Qing novels. This interdependence and mutual infiltration not only made Ming and Qing novels stand out in literary history, displaying their unique artistic charm, but also provided valuable inspiration and reference for literary creation.


Ming and Qing novels; Language art; Artistic conception