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Research on Animation and Motion Capture Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.099


Xianwei Zhang, Yang Liu

Corresponding Author

Xianwei Zhang


Motion capture technology can measure, track and record the trajectory of an object in three-dimensional space and has been widely used in many research fields. The development process of motion capture technology is introduced, and the composition, advantages and disadvantages of the currently used five motion capture systems are summarized, and the relevant results of applied research using motion capture technology are collected, classified and collated from intangible cultural heritage. Digital protection, simulation training and teaching, film and video animation and game production, human posture research, ergonomics research and other aspects of these achievements are systematically reviewed. After analyzing and summarizing the existing research results, it is proposed that the technology can be applied to some new research projects.


Animation, motion capture technology, 3D technology.