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Study on the Correlation among Social Responsibility, Management Ability and Financial Sustainability

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.064


Xiaolan Sun

Corresponding Author

Xiaolan Sun


The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship among Social Responsibility(SR), manageability (MA) and Financial Sustainability(FS), and put forward corresponding conclusions and suggestions. By using multiple linear regression model to analyze the data of sample enterprises, this study finds that SR has a significant positive impact on FS, indicating that enterprises that actively perform SR are more likely to achieve good financial performance. At the same time, MA mediates the relationship between SR and FS to some extent, which shows that MA is very important for enterprises to effectively implement SR activities. Even after controlling other factors, the influence of SR and MA on FS is still significant, indicating that its influence on the financial performance of enterprises can not be ignored. Therefore, this study suggests that enterprises should pay more attention to and invest in SR, improve the MA level of management team, and comprehensively consider multiple factors to achieve the improvement of FS. These conclusions and suggestions provide important reference and guidance for enterprise management practice and academic research.


Financial Sustainability; Correlation; Social Responsibility; Management Ability