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The Challenge and Countermeasure Analysis of Ideological and Political Work in Universities under the Internet Background

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.062


Fuyu Guo

Corresponding Author

Fuyu Guo


As the Internet becomes increasingly popular, ideological and political education (IPE) in universities faces both challenges and opportunities that are unprecedented. The traditional model of education appears insufficient in the age of information, necessitating urgent innovation and progress. Although the Internet offers a vast array of resources and diverse educational formats for IPE, it also introduces complexities in information and the management of students' online conduct. As a result, ideological and political educators in universities must actively embrace the Internet, refresh their educational ideologies, and harness network technology to enhance the relevance and impact of education. Simultaneously, it is crucial to bolster students' network literacy education, guiding them to use the Internet appropriately and abide by legal regulations and societal norms. Only by doing so can we adapt to the times, fostering individuals with noble character, steadfast ideals, and beliefs. Continuously innovating educational ideologies and methods is vital, enhancing the relevance and impact of online IPE, thereby contributing to the cultivation of individuals with noble morals, unwavering ideals, and beliefs in this era. Moving forward, universities must delve deeper into the integration of the Internet with IPE, exploring more innovative avenues to elevate IPE to new heights.


Internet background; Efficient ideological and political work; Challenge; countermeasure