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The Application of Fitting Concepts in Solid Gold Packaging Design

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.061


Jian Rao, Chenshi Zhu

Corresponding Author

Jian Rao


With the advent of the 'pet economy' era, adopting a pet-friendly lifestyle is something many young people now admire. Based on this social background, there is increased attention on the quality of life for pets, leading to the rapid development of the pet food market. In today's increasingly competitive environment, besides the quality of the food itself, the importance of pet food packaging design has become more prominent. The application of fatting concepts in packaging design can create forms that integrate functionality and style, which have been recognized and favored by consumers. This article elucidates the application of fitting concepts in Solid Gold packaging design, analyzing the value of these concepts in terms of structure, fun, and emotion. This analysis aims to stimulate consumer purchase desire, drive sales, and enhance brand positioning, effectively improving the brand's market competitiveness.


Fitting concept, Packaging design, Solid Gold, Pet food packaging