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Research on Strengthening the Construction of Ideological and Political Teachers in Private Colleges and the Practice of Ideological and Political Education Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.058


Huaping Yuan

Corresponding Author

Huaping Yuan


Owing to the constant deepening reform of China’s education system, the importance of education and teaching in private colleges has become increasingly significant. The quality and ultimate effectiveness of education have received widespread attention and discussion from all sectors of society. As a public course in private colleges, ideological and political courses have ideological guidance and educational functions. A scientifically sound ideological course is an effective path for private colleges to attain the aim of moral education, and a key measure to cultivate contemporary students to form a correct outlook on life, values, and the world. The smooth promotion and effective implementation of ideological courses require the support of a high-quality teaching team and innovative teaching models as the foundation. Based on this, this article analyzes and studies the strategies for strengthening the construction of the teaching staff in private colleges and reforming ideological education to offer reference and guidance for relevant private colleges.


Private colleges, Construct ideological and political teacher team, Ideological education reform