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Analysis of the Integration Path of Cultivating Craftsman Spirit and Ideological Education in Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.057


Huan Wu

Corresponding Author

Huan Wu


Vocational education is an essential component of China’s education system, which mainly shoulders the significant mission of delivering professional and skilled talents to various industries. Owing to the constant increase in the total number of college graduates in China, various fields of society have not only come up with higher requirements for the professional abilities and theoretical foundations of talents, but also begun to focus on the ideological and moral qualities, professional qualities, etc. of talents in the selection and appointment process. Integrating craftsmanship with ideological education in higher vocational education can subtly cultivate and deepen students’ labor concept, ideological and moral qualities in teaching, thereby creating favorable conditions for their growth and progress. Based on this, this article analyzes the integration strategy of craftsmanship spirit and ideological education to provide reference for relevant vocational colleges and ideological teachers.


Vocational colleges, Craftsman spirit, Ideological education