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Exploration of Human Resource Management Teaching in Higher Vocational Education Based on Vocational Ability Training

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.054


Xiaofeng Wu

Corresponding Author

Xiaofeng Wu


With the rapid progress of China’s social economy, the operational development models in various fields of society have been reformed and innovated. At present, major social enterprises have gradually recognized the positive significance of talent for the operation and development of enterprises. This puts higher demands on the education and teaching work of major colleges. As the main training ground for technical talents, vocational colleges are also facing the dilemma of education and teaching reform. For example, in the teaching of human resource management in vocational colleges, there are constraints such as “emphasizing theory over practice”, lagging educational and teaching concepts of teachers, insufficient innovation in educational models, and incomplete basic educational equipment, which ultimately lead to poor effectiveness in practical teaching in vocational colleges and the inability to truly achieve the educational goals of cultivating and improving students’ professional abilities. Based on this, this article analyzes the teaching strategies of human resource management in vocational colleges based on the educational requirements of vocational ability cultivation to provide reference for colleges and teachers.


Vocational ability cultivation, Vocational colleges, Human resource management teaching