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The implementation of project-driven teaching model of core competency-based teaching in internal medicine nursing teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.053


Jihua Tang, Xiujuan Yu, Xiuzhen Guo

Corresponding Author

Jihua Tang


With the increasing demands of the modern medical system on the abilities of nursing staff, how to cultivate students' core competencies has become a key issue in nursing education. The project-driven teaching model, as a student-centered and practical teaching method, has received increasing attention in recent years. This study aims to explore the implementation effect of project-driven teaching mode in the teaching of internal medicine nursing, and analyze its impact on the cultivation of students' core competencies. Research has found that the project-driven teaching model can effectively improve students' critical thinking, teamwork, and practical operation abilities. Students can better integrate theoretical knowledge with practice in real project practice, and cultivate their core competencies. However, there were also some challenges encountered during the implementation process, such as a shortage of teaching resources and insufficient time. The project-driven teaching model provides an effective tool for internal medicine nursing education, which helps to cultivate students' core competencies. However, during the implementation process, it is necessary to consider potential challenges and adopt appropriate strategies to address them.


Project driven teaching mode; Core competencies; Internal Medicine Nursing; Educational effectiveness