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Exploration of the New Project-Based Instructional Model for E-commerce Majors in Universities within the Context of Emerging Business Studies

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.052


Sai Wu, Lei Tao

Corresponding Author

Sai Wu


As the cradle of talent cultivation, the education mode and teaching methods of e-commerce majors in universities are directly related to the quality and ability of future e-commerce talents. This article explores the innovative instructional mode of e-commerce majors in universities under the background of new business studies, with a focus on the application and effectiveness of project-based teaching. The traditional instructional model has limitations in the education of e-commerce majors, making it difficult to fully stimulate students' initiative and cultivate practical abilities. Project based teaching focuses on students and effectively enhances their learning motivation, practical abilities, and innovative thinking through project driven and practical operations. This article compares the characteristics and effects of traditional teaching and project-based teaching, and emphasizes the advantages of project-based teaching in cultivating students' comprehensive qualities and adapting to market demand. Universities should actively adopt and promote the new project-based instructional model to cultivate more e-commerce talents with practical abilities and innovative spirit, promote the sustainable development of the industry and social progress.


New business background; E-commerce; Project based teaching; Practical ability