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Research on the Dynamic Mechanism of Modern Industrial Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.051


Chen Guotie, Zheng Sufang, Liu Guomai, Zheng Chaoqun

Corresponding Author

Zheng Sufang


An industrial college is a school-running mode adopted by universities and enterprises to deepen the cooperation between industry, university, and research. The dynamic mechanism of its construction is to establish a cooperative power system from the macro, meso, and micro levels, including the government’s administrative power, legal force, and so forth. The economic force, contract power, competitiveness, and so forth. The social contract force, cultural power, and communication influence, and so forth, which constitute the logical mechanism diagram of power transmission and energy transformation, to lay the foundation for the mechanism design and research of modern industrial colleges. Through a review and analysis of relevant literature, this study discusses the different types and functions of dynamic mechanisms and the connotation characteristics of industrial colleges, classifies them according to the sources of forces, and constructs a “force system diagram” to analyze the cooperative dynamics of industrial colleges from the macro, meso, and micro levels. The results show that it is of great significance to make full use of various driving forces such as government, market, and society to construct a reasonable mechanism design to promote the innovation and development of modern industrial colleges. This study provides a useful reference and enlightenment for the practice of modern industrial colleges and provides a theoretical basis and research path for future related research.


Industrial college; dynamic mechanism; integration of industry and education; School–enterprise cooperation