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Exploring and Implementing a New Model of Engineering Experimental Teaching in Universities from the Perspective of Industry-Academic Integration

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.044


Han Sun, Qinglei Ren, Ting Zhang, Rongli Zhao, Dapeng Zou

Corresponding Author

Dapeng Zou


This article explores the current state of engineering experimental teaching in universities and proposes a novel model through the lens of industry-academic integration. Through a comprehensive examination of current practices, it identifies challenges related to curricula, resource allocation, and teaching methodologies that impede the improvement of teaching quality and the development of students' practical skills. To address these challenges, this article introduces a student-centered and industry-aligned model of engineering experimental teaching. This model integrates various teaching elements, refines teaching techniques, and enhances the learning environment, all with the goal of nurturing students' practical abilities and promoting innovation. Through rigorous case studies, the article demonstrates the effectiveness of this model in enhancing the quality of engineering experimental teaching. The findings reveal significant improvements in students' experimental learning outcomes, an enhancement in their practical proficiencies, and a subsequent increase in graduate employment rates, earning recognition from corporate and societal stakeholders. This proven success provides a valuable roadmap for other institutions aiming to revitalize their engineering experimental teaching practices.


Industry-academic integration; Universities; Engineering experiment teaching