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Inheritance and Innovation: The Tradition and Modernity of Oil Painting Creation

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.043


Yongnian Sha

Corresponding Author

Yongnian Sha


Oil painting art, as an important component of spiritual life, carries a profound cultural heritage and emotional expression in China. Modern oil painting creators cleverly integrate traditional Chinese cultural elements into their creations, which not only inherits and promotes tradition, but also meets modern aesthetic needs. Chinese oil painting stands out on the world art stage with its unique style and charm, contributing Chinese strength to international cultural exchange. In recent years, with the prosperous development of the cultural and artistic fields, Chinese oil painting creation has entered a period of prosperity, constantly exploring unique development paths with Chinese characteristics. Oil painters delve deeply into the essence of traditional culture and organically combine it with oil painting creation, promoting the inheritance and promotion of Chinese traditional culture in the new era. Oil painting creation combines tradition and modernity. Tradition is the inheritance and stability of millennium old culture, while modernity is a keen capture of real life and social changes. Oil painters use unique perspectives and techniques to combine traditional culture with contemporary elements, creating works that have both cultural heritage and modern aesthetics, injecting new vitality into the prosperous development of Chinese oil painting art.


Inheritance; Innovation; Oil painting creation; Tradition; Immediacy