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Promotion of the Olympic Spirit and Promotion of Physical Education Reform in Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icssem.2024.039


Hao Guan, Xinsheng Chi, Wenbin Wang

Corresponding Author

Hao Guan


As an important base for cultivating high-quality technical and skilled talents, vocational colleges not only undertake the task of imparting professional knowledge and skills, but also shoulder the important mission of cultivating students' comprehensive qualities. As an important component of education, physical education plays an irreplaceable role in promoting the physical and mental health of students and shaping positive personality traits. Especially in the current context of globalization, it is particularly important to promote the Olympic spirit and promote sports reform in vocational colleges. This article starts from promoting the Olympic spirit and promoting sports reform in vocational colleges, fully demonstrating that sports reform in vocational colleges is a systematic project that requires efforts and cooperation from multiple aspects. Only by closely focusing on the theme of promoting the Olympic spirit, continuously improving the physical education curriculum system, strengthening the construction of sports facilities, and enriching sports cultural activities, can we truly achieve the goals of physical education in vocational colleges and lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive development of students.


Olympic spirit; Vocational colleges; Sports reform